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My Journey in Storytelling: The Riddle of a Lie that Holds the Truth


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We Have Met the Enemy

Spooky Action at a Distance

The Risks of Dead Reckoning


Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela



4 out of 4 stars. It easily checked all my boxes required for a successful science-fiction novel and kept me flipping the pages time and time again.


What I liked the best about this story, however, is the feeling of discovery as the Lovelace travels farther and farther into the unknown. I have a soft spot for stories that take the reader where no one has ever been before and We Have Met the Enemy delivers this feeling in droves."

The prose is supple and accurate. It begins with action. While the reader is given time to breathe, the action thereafter never really lets up...McGuffins are skillfully crafted, aliens are both imaginative and credible, and the tech is believable and serviceable without getting in the way. I don’t give 5*s to many books I review. The top rating needs to be reserved for the really good stuff, right? This is a ***** book. If you like SF, I heartily recommend it to you."

A richly imagined and immersive starship tale.


Watson's prose is filled with vivid worldbuilding details while still managing to feel urgent and punchy.... Though the book is preceded by two others, the story is self-contained enough for those new to the series to hit the ground running.The tale is thoroughly in the tradition of Star Trek...and fans of that franchise will enjoy Watson's Roddenberrian world. The result is pure space opera, nothing more or less."

Review of We Have Met the Enemy by Publisher's Weekly

Review of Spooky Action at a Distance by Judy Moore, Author of 'Is Death Really Necessary?'

Review of The Risks of Dead Reckoning by Kirkus Reviews


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I started writing stories as soon as they handed me a pencil in first grade. Both as an author and a reader, I am captivated by character driven tales where we see people we recognize, people who are good, bad, and indifferent – all at the same time.

My novels all feature deeply flawed characters who struggle with their mistakes and shortcomings, are forced by circumstances to face them, and use that knowledge to grow into wiser human beings.


This is what I mean when I say that story-telling is a kind of paradox – a lie (since it’s all an invention of my somewhat warped mind) that tells us a recognizable truth.


My scifi novels comprise the 3-book Lovelace Series (We Have Met the Enemy, Spooky Action at a Distance, and The Risks of Dead Reckoning). We Have Met the Enemy won 1st Place in the 2020 EVVY Awards for Science Fiction, and the entire Lovelace Series was chosen as a Distinguished Favorite by the Independent Press Awards.

I have also written the romance novel, Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela.

When I’m not writing, I spend my time chasing after my not-so-brilliant, but much beloved dogs, and being chased by my truly brilliant, darling and beloved husband. I'm also known to friends and family as a talented cook and amateur pastry chef, and find time for a few swims every week - which is for me both exercise and therapy.

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